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Wingbone Turkey Yelper Call
Wingbone Yelper Turkey Call   
Price $24.00
Hands Free Deer Grunt Calls
Hand Free
Deer Grunt Call   
Price $7.00

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At Strutn J's Game Calls we have been customizing a select line of game calls since 1992 and have mastered a specific line of Turkey, Big Game, Predator, and recently added- Waterfowl Calls that have passed the standards of thousands of hardcore hunters across the country!
As you review each line of game calls that we offer you will be pleasantly surprised at the prices we offer them at.  Do Not be leary of the quality that we put into each call.  Our mission is to offer a Quality Product at a Reasonable Price.  We stand behind every product 100% and also offer a money back guarentee with every call if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your call for any reason!
Introducing StrutnJ's Glass Over Slate Turkey Call!

Our new glass over slate, turkey slate call is our latest custom turkey call and is known to produce some of the most life-like hen turkey sounds of any call on the market today.  With this call you can easily produce the common yelps, purrs and clucks of the hen turkey.  This new glass over slate turkey call is also easy to use; it works very well in both dry or moist conditions and best of all, is very well priced for its high quality and effectiveness in the field. This is the perfect call from the beginner, all the way up to the experienced turkey hunter. Be assured that once you add this call to your arsenal, you won't want to head out into the field without it again!
NOW ONLY $26.50


“I have been hunting turkeys for over 10 years now and have never seen a call that is as easy to use and can produce the sounds of a hen turkey like StrutnJ’s glass over slate call.  In the final season of the 2006 WI spring turkey season I was able to call in 2 mature toms right down from the roost to 20 yards with just a couple yelps from my new StrutnJ’s glass over slate turkey call.“

Dan Wennerlind

“I just wanted to thank you again. Our turkey hunt with Two Rivers Outfitters was one of the best turkey hunts I have been on yet. I’ve meet many guides and I  have to say that John is one of the most Knowledgeable, Informative, Innovative and Expert Callers that I've ever met. He told us straight up what to expect and he delivered. John used his StrutnJ glass over slate call to perfection!  Seeing that many toms in the late season that close is unforgettable.  The memories from this year are going to be hard to top.  Can’t wait till next season.......”

Steven Walters
WPT Taxidermy

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WARNING:  The use of these game call products may cause rapid heart beats, heavy breathing, itchy trigger finger, blurred vision in one eye and the need to sit in the woods for long hours.

Short Reed Canada Goose Calls
Short Reed
Canada Goose Call
Price $12.50
Double Reed Mallard Duck Calls
Double Reed
Mallard Duck Call
Price $12.00
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